My name is Cicilia Evi and I am very passionate to work with children and their caregivers. As a registered Clinical Psychologist, I conduct private therapy session at a University’s clinic and deliver workshops or seminars related with my area of expertise. I was a part-time lecturer in Psychology Faculty at two private Universities in Surabaya: Widya Mandala Catholic University and Ciputra University. At the moment, I am more into parenting (to my toddler son!) and seeing my clients. I am looking forward to get my feet back to the classes and teach again. Cicilia Evi in Kebaya

Personally, this blog is created as my way to empower children and empowering their caregivers as well. This blog will be written in English and Bahasa Indonesia – due to my capacity to work in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

For any inquiry on your children and request to deliver any workshops or seminars, please email me at: children.counsel@gmail.com

Or, you can meet me at:

Pusat Layanan Psikologi – Universitas Katolik Widya Mandala Surabaya (by appointment)

Jln. Majapahit no 4 Surabaya – Phone (62 31) 5678 478 ext 200 (see map)


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