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Lasting Gifts

On early December 2014, I went to a Catholic youth revival to celebrate the birthday of one Catholic community in Surabaya. They invited a speaker from the Philippines named Arun Gogna. I had no idea of who he was – except of what was written at the flyer.

I had a great time at the venue. My friends and I were hypnotized by the way Arun run his sermon (yes, sermon!). We really caught in the message of God’s love that he shared with us. We sang and jumped and laughed and being there fully! At the end of the event, I decided to buy his book. Turned out, only one left: Lasting Gifts You Can Give Your Children.

Arun Gogna

I bought the book halfheartedly. I was not pregnant and did not know when I will be a mom.

But then, turned out that I was already pregnant with my baby E when I sang and jumped and laughed and bought the book! You just can’t tell God’s plan on you (most of the time).

It is a very simple and easy-to-read book, but the message is clear – how as parents, we need to give the right gifts for our children. They need not only money and present, but more than that – they need us to be available for them. They spell love as time – the time that we are willing to give to them. The moments that we are willing to share with them. They need our presence, instead of presents.

In this new year of 2016, I am hoping that all of you will be able to give the best gifts for your children – your love, time, attention, willingness. They will appreciate, remember and grow from those lasting gifts you give them.

Happy New Year! Be adventurous, be bold, and be dare to love.

PS: Read this book as your reward in this new year, you won’t regret it!



Being with children turns out to be the most enjoyable time for me. In professional line, I never expected that the best lesson of life come through those little hands of children - with their purity, sincerity and truthfulness. Whenever I sit with a child, I let them lead my understanding of their world - I let their sight guide my way of looking at them. And I always coming to a new land to discover and understand. God bless them! I am a mother of a two-year old boy. His presence strengthen my calling toward children and I am hoping that a lot more hands are willing to give their best for our children - wherever they are.

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