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Motherhood is …

As new as a sun rises every day, I started to feel the heat of motherhood. Don’t get me wrong – I have tan skin as I want, and yet, I have to deal with other messiness as well.

I just want to share what motherhood means to me.

Motherhood is …

1. Believing that your child is the cutest baby among others.

2. Knowing that baby’s poo is stinky, and yet, you are praying to see it everyday.

3. Having back pain, headache and stiff neck all at the same time.

4. Enjoying late shower everyday.

5. Accepting the fact that 9pm is the new curfew.

6. A time to learn how to juggle as much as possible.

7. Learning new language that you don’t understand and yet, it makes you and your baby laugh hard!

8. About loving your new flat shoes and keep the high heels on most times.

9. Being irrationally in love.

10. Tiring.

11. Taking a lot of your heart space and always be prepared if it’s break.

12. An investment.

13. Leaving your gadgets unattended for as long as your baby command.

14. Not about being perfect – since there’s no such thing.

15. Appreciating every second of being with your baby.

16. The state of being there for others (your baby).

17. Simply a journey that saves a lot of surprises along the way.

18. A grace from God.

What is motherhood for you? Leave your comment.




Being with children turns out to be the most enjoyable time for me. In professional line, I never expected that the best lesson of life come through those little hands of children - with their purity, sincerity and truthfulness. Whenever I sit with a child, I let them lead my understanding of their world - I let their sight guide my way of looking at them. And I always coming to a new land to discover and understand. God bless them! I am a mother of a two-year old boy. His presence strengthen my calling toward children and I am hoping that a lot more hands are willing to give their best for our children - wherever they are.

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