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Personal Lessons from Two Week of Motherhood

I still can’t believe that I’m a mother now. I was so used to be an Aunt for numerous nieces and nephews, but now I have my own son to take care of. The feeling is way different.

Along the process, I’ve learned that there are so many experts and so-called experts of motherhood! From my own relatives, friends, close neighbors and simply strangers I’ve met at the waiting room of pediatrician. I’m in awe … There are so many traditional beliefs, scientific quotation and hearsay that people believe – as what it is. Personally, I only take the positive advices and what goes accordingly with my faith as a Catholic mother. I put rosary close to my son, pray Our Father – Hail Mary – Glory prayers everyday with him and tell him that Jesus loves him no matter what. I did not use the traditional spices and certain metal to be put under the bed – to cast away demons. I respect what others believe, while I do my own belief.

Another lesson I’ve learned is the fact that a mother can easily cry over small stuff. I’ve heard so many stories of young babies being put into UV therapy in a hospital. My niece and nephew went the same therapy when they were babies. But when I saw my son being put under that heat, I couldn’t do anything else, but cried and begged God to set him free soon! I can’t imagine what will happen to me when I have to send my son to school for the first time. I guess I will let time answer that thought.

And finally, the most important lesson is the fact that we can communicate clearly with young baby. I can talk to my son and he responds very well! I hope I will be able to keep the faith of giving my best through exclusive breastfeeding. I also told my baby that both of us need to work together closely – so that we can achieve the expected result together. He needs to drink a lot of breastmilk to recover from jaundice and a chance to gain weight as expected.

One friend asked me if I want to be a super mom. I told him that I never want to be a super mom, I just want to be a mom for my son. A mom who can do better each day – with God holds our hands.



Being with children turns out to be the most enjoyable time for me. In professional line, I never expected that the best lesson of life come through those little hands of children - with their purity, sincerity and truthfulness. Whenever I sit with a child, I let them lead my understanding of their world - I let their sight guide my way of looking at them. And I always coming to a new land to discover and understand. God bless them! I am a mother of a two-year old boy. His presence strengthen my calling toward children and I am hoping that a lot more hands are willing to give their best for our children - wherever they are.

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